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Thread: Two working cockers lost in Aberdeenshire.

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    Two working cockers lost in Aberdeenshire.

    Missing from our farm since they did a runner on my wife whilst walking them,
    one mature golden cocker and one young black cocker with tan points.
    I live near Kennethmont. Both are bitches, slim and working strain, and are stock sound and loving towards people.
    If anyone hears or sees anything please pm me, I'll be checking back here frequently.
    It's pishing with rain outside and the whole family is gutted.
    If you are lamping tonight between Huntly, Inverurie and Alford please take a second look before you pull the trigger, it wouldn't be the first time a gun has failed to tell the diference between a gold cocker and a fox.
    Thank's all. Restless night ahead.

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    Hope you get 'em back.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Good luck finding them. Are they microchipped?

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    I would be out with a lamp and whistle all night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    I would be out with a lamp and whistle all night.
    Got to agree with that!
    I hope you find them unharmed

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    They will find the way home... open the door and give them a call.

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    I hope they turn up mate. As you have probably read earlyer this week, my friend chris has had his dog stolen and they are gutted. just keep your fingers crossed and let as many people know as possible. good luck

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    missing dog

    Lost my springer a number of years ago phoned Police they told me to contact local kennels.I did and the dog was there dog warden had picked it up hope you have the same luck nothing worse than missing your hound.

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    Still nothing. Council dog kennels is only available during office hours.
    Both dogs are chipped.

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    its sad to know, but i hoped you will find them, best of luck, try to take help your friends,
    and also take police help if needed, Good Luck Man.

    GPS tracking
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