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Thread: Calling Roebucks....

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    Calling Roebucks....

    I have heard it said that a rutting roebuck with his attention on his attendant doe is difficult to call. But not impossible.
    On many occasions in the past I have called rutting roebucks away from the object of their desire with a Buttolo call.
    The same happened again tonight. I managed to call a good mature buck away from the doe he was with.I got him to approach to within 40yds , jump the fence back into the forestry and get himself shot.
    I don't know whether there is a window of opportunity to enable this ??.. for instance I don't know whether the doe had already stood for him or she was not quite as ready as he was and therefore more able to be distracted??.
    I would be interested to know the experience of others on this subject. Its exciting stuff when it works!.

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    Well done with him. As you say it's not easy and it must that window: thus dependant on the mating history and/or where the doe is oestrus-wise. Having said that I failed 2 nights ago to call a buck off a doe he was chasing hard and she wasn't interesed and wouldn't stand, just kept galloping off.

    I managed it once last season and I had seen the buck mount the doe a number of times the morning before so think perhaps he was 'done'' with that doe and moving on!

    When I have had success with taking a buck away from a doe it has always been with the 'terror' doe call on the buttolo squeezed all the way down 2 or 3 three times and then 3 or 4 pheeps at the end. It is the most rewarding result in calling I agree.

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