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    thinking in getting a 9 month old dog sprocker,are they good for deer stalking.hes already retrieving things from water and land,but thats just the owners playing with him.hes not being trained for hunting .i would like to start this as soon as i get him.would this be ok for training at his age.your help would be appreciated as im new to this

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    In general terms I do not believe that a spaniel is the right breed of dog for stalking. I have kept springers for 12 years and I have only had one that I would say may have been a potential stalking dog. Nothing to do with their ability to find wounded/dead game but by nature/breeding traits they are busy hunting/flushing dogs. I am presently looking after a 14 month old bitch and she is like a whirl wind. The built in desire to investigate every bit of rough grass at 100mph just IMO does not suit stalking.
    Having said that I bet there are spaniels out there working as deer dogs and your sprocker at 9 months is at a very good age to learn.

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    pals got a cocker spaniel hes trained on rough shooting and pigeon,then swapped to stalking roe,picked up a roe shot at 170 yards in high grass field no probs,and sits still when out.smells them before you see them so know the roe are there.thanks for letting me know that that age is good for training gazza

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    I dont beleive a spaniel would be the right dog for stalking they like to be moving all the time they are more of a flushing dog.I would consider a lab or pointer better suited to what you require.The Lab wuold be the easiest to train to deer just my opinion good luck whatever you decide

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