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Thread: A trip out to Roedinators

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    A trip out to Roedinators

    I've been busy at work for a while and not had much chance to get out despite seeing a lot of rutting activity for the past 10 days or so whilst working. It needed someone else to make me get out and Pete was generous enough to ask me to go out on his last night.

    When I got there he told me where to go and what he wanted shooting-anything good or with potential in the middle was to be left and anything on the boundary was fair game as next door are shooting anything that moved, he said he'd rather I had it than someone else. He left me to stalk the ground on my own whilst he went to some other ground-not many people would let you do that.

    After a stalk through a few fields I had a call near the boundary and this chap came straight to me from about 300m, I lost sight of him round a dogleg in the hedge and then he bounded across the field to around 170m where he stopped to the terror call and dropped on the spot. Thanks for a really enjoyable evening Pete, sorry about the photo quality but it was getting dark and the pics are off my phone, was a long drag back to the truck!

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    Nice buck Ben

    Good going lads


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    Well done. Nice write up and looks a nice buck to boot.


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    Well done, Ben. Glad you you got your buck, and a good head too. Hugo looks like he appreciated it as well. I enjoyed my evening out down at Pete's a few weeks ago; he's not a bad bloke when you get to know him, is he?

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    Cheers chaps, here's a better picture of it boiled out, it's currently 540g so I don't think he will quite go bronze but a very good buck nonetheless.

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    Just got this off the BASC website mate:

    In general, to qualify;

    A bronze medal will need a dry net weight of at least 365 grammes (455 full-skull) and a volume of at least 150 ccs.
    A silver will require a dry net weight of at least 420 grammes (510 full-skull) and a volume of at least 165 ccs.
    A gold requires a weight of 480 grammes (570 full-skull) and a volume of 200 ccs.

    Might be better than you think! Good luck!

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    Really nice buck and from the weight and looking at the size of it I would be fairly confident of that making a medal .

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    Thanks chaps, I'm hoping it will but comparing it to other heads I have i'm sot so sure, I think it will be pretty close- i'll let you know in 3 months when it's dried out!

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    Nice buck ben and good to see your getting a bit of time for yourself

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