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Thread: ian farrington stalking

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    ian farrington stalking

    just returned from 3 days with ian farrington and i must say i had a great time i initally went for wild boar shooting but due to equitment failure we had to change plans
    i could tell straight away i was going to be happy when i first met ian he has a superb knowledge of stalking and i was giving a through breif that left me in no doubt what i was doing over the coming days and best ways to acheive
    he has some beautiful stalking ground and we saw plenty of deer and i was very fortunate to grass a lovely fallow
    i must say thankyou as well to jo for keeping me well fed as i admit of not being shy in the food department and the food was delicous
    having worked in the trade i must say this is the most professional and freindly outfitter i have seen
    again thanks ian and jo and if you read this i will be back so please put one of those huge boar to one side for me and another roast dinner

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    If there were no deer on the ground, some peeps would just go for the grub!!
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    i would go again just for the food and hospiltality alone

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    Oh no, I'm stalking with Ian early next month and I'm on a diet. Oh well, just have to extract more deer to burn off the calories

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    It was great to have you down Kris - been waiting to get together for quite some time. Nice shooting as well.

    'Not shy on the food front' ! Well, you are a big lad and still in training, so your metabolism is running riot - but Jo described it as like trying to feed a Wookie with a tape-worm! :0)

    We are looking forward to seeing you again soon.


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    I managed to sneak in a stalk with Ian last week whilst on holiday in Devon, using a cunning plan that took account of my wonky knee....unfortunately the deer didn't show, but no matter.

    I'd also happily recommend him to anyone!!

    (....his early morning coffee is better than his ability to control the weather - have you dried out yet mate???)
    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

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    but Jo described it as like trying to feed a Wookie with a tape-worm!

    Sums up a couple of my mates perfect, must remember that one.

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