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Thread: how long before we get lead ban then !!!!

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    how long before we get lead ban then !!!!

    anyone else read the link on the countryside alliance web site today concerning lead poisoning in venison from bullet fragments !,i realise its in america but how long before we get jumped on over here, i can remember even in my short life when there wasn't all these scares of food , public safety etc makes u wonder where its all gonna end up ! !

    if link works look here if not have a gander in the news column of the countryside alliance web site for it ....

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    i don't know

    i don't know

    i don't know

    to be fair if we have to go onto barnes or nosler e tip it wouldn't be the end of the world.

    I wonder how hevi shot would shape up.


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    These muppets from the different ministries really p**s me off.
    I work in and around several abattoirs, they get visits from Tescos, Somerfield and the like and the visitors are very often early/late twenties. They actually try to tell a thirty year veteran of slaughtering how to do his job.
    They`ve never done the job but they`ve read a book.
    I suspect that whoever wrote that is the same, after all i`ve been eating shotgunned rabbits, pigeons and pheasants for forty-ish years and i`ve never known anyone die from lead poisoning through eating shot game.
    Just another excuse for a muppet to keep himself behind his desk in his cosy office for a bit longer.

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    not that long back, i saw a x ray of a carcass that hi-lighted this very fact , it showed the fragmentation of the lead bullet and also the trail of lead dust through the chest cavity, certainly was an interesting picture to look at

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    I hold the firm belief that all of the lead melting over the open fire in a boot polish tin to make lead soldiers or weights for the nose of my model glider, the bullet and sinker casting, the closing of split shot with my teeth, soldering, eating game shot with lead, has done me very little harm, if any.

    It may have done me some harm - but I am an adult and will make my own choices.

    I am however, very concerned that people actually fall for the H&S BS.

    Of course, the H&S fascists will tell me that I have only written this because I am brain damaged by my exposure to lead!

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    Quote Originally Posted by charadam
    Of course, the H&S fascists will tell me that I am brain damaged by my exposure to lead!
    Trotsky got brain damage by exposure to ice picks - when will they ban them?

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    Don't get me onto the subject of lead ban - I used to be maily a wildfowler, and up here in Scotland we now have a ban on using lead shot in wetland areas. So on the foreshore we have to use steel shot or other non toxic shot.

    It is supposed to be more humane and stops the issues of lead poisoning as birds eat the shot.

    But it just does n't work. You hit a bird, perfectly in range, they shudder and just fly on. Hit the same bird with lead - its dead. Most people are finding exactly the same. We have all gone to using 3 1/2 inch chambers with lots of shot - it still desn't work.

    To be honest I don't go out much now as I hate hitting birds only to see them fly away.

    Last year on a local phaesant / rough shoot a flight of geese and ducks came over the line. Every body was using their standard lead No 6 - all birds dropped feet in the air, dead and rather confirmed to me the useless nature of Non toxic shot.

    (and yes up here in Scotland you can still use lead shot on wildfowl provided you shot doesn't fall on wetland areas)

    Re non toxic copper bullets on Deer - I know there was a big study done on Jura a few years ago, where all deer where shot with non toxic bullets. I know one of the stalkers who was employed - he wasn't impressed with the results.

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    A total lead ban was proposed here in Sweden a while back by the Social Democrat, Left, ,green parties who were in power at the time. This caused great concern in the hunting community . The hunting organisations showed that there was no danger fron lead in its solid form " shot & bullets" on normal ground. It would also make practise ammo so expencsive that no one would go to the range any more.

    The tests carried out on alternative metals for bullet production showed that they were unreliable caused to much wounding and would not be accurate in heavier weights in calibres under 7mm.
    The forest industry said that they did not want steel shot used for hunting in the forest because of the potenial damage to saw mills that could happen when they sawed the timber.

    We had a change of goverment to a more right of centre party and the potenial lead ban was thrown out.

    The last threat we had was from the chemical inspectorate who wanted to put a tax of 800kr , 70 pounds a kilo on lead. this was also thrown out.

    We are under constant threat from these people and the prats in the EU

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    And Norway followed Sweden's ban, but unfortunately they havn't retracted it.
    Like you say, lead in it's chemical solid metal form is harmless.

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    The problem with lead is that it accumulates in the body over your lifetime - you never get rid of it, and long term build up causes a host of neurological and other problems. Thats why it's such a big issue. Lead is highy toxic, it has a cumulative effect, you never get rid of it and it catches up with you when you are older - like cigarettes or a paracetemol overdose.

    However, those of us who were around before the ban on leaded petrol or even lead in paint, will have accumulated more lead in our bodies from breathing exhaust fumes etc than we have from eating lead shot, and from drinking water from lead pipes for that matter.

    However, I would still not recommend eating it!

    This thread has got me thinking, perhaps its too late for me - but I might consider non lead bullets for short range woodland stalking. I've seen how my soft points fragment and vapourise and I'm not sure if I want to be starting the wee ones on their diet of environmental lead sooner than I have to.

    You will pick up lead from pellets, fragments etc them as they pass through your system.

    So just as I would not sit and eat individual lead pellets direct from a cartridge, I do make a point of picking out as best I can, shot from things I have hit with the SG. Never get it all, but I make an effort.

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