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Thread: gwp in training n ireland

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    gwp in training n ireland

    i have a gwp that i want to get out in the field more for tracking. She follows laid trails well and i would like to get her more experience at following up deer. she is far from a trained deer dog but i guess with everything experience is what counts. If any one in n ireland needs a dog i would like to help out for the experience etc, we may not find the deer but if you are at the stage without a dog it is as good as lost anyway. PM if interested


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    give ye 20 for her
    typical car salesman , always trying to rob someone

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    offer still open, young Gwp in training if anyone has the need to follow up deer. PM your contact details and i will be happy to help out


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    Where are you located? I'm in wicklow

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    i am in antrim so wicklow would be too far for me to travel unfortunately

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