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    Minox 8x42

    When I bought the bushnell's the previous owner had replaced with Minox 8x42. I am delighted with the bushnell's. However when I was in chatting to Niel at in Ayrshire he had Minox 8x42 on the counter. These were down from 399 to 199 if anybody is looking. I tried them out (daylight) excellent clarity. Heads up only if you are in the market. No connection other than a regular customer. If I had not bought the bushnells more money would have stayed in his shop, Jim

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    Same thing even cheaper at Swillington!
    Yet another 7mm08 user....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philwilk View Post
    Same thing even cheaper at Swillington!
    129 at Swillington

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