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Thread: new FAC - make sure all conditions and authorisations are there, typed!

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    new FAC - make sure all conditions and authorisations are there, typed!

    I have just been informed(luckily) by an observant RFD that my FAC did not specifically stipulate the allowance of expanding ammunition. As title no. 2 on the second page of the FAC regarding ammunition seemed to me to suggest the allowance of expanding ammunition, '2. Ammunition including expanding ammunition and expanding missiles', I was under the impression that this covered it. But no! It has to be separately typed under this section title as 'expanding' or 'exp.'. Or apparently identified as a condition of the front of the FAC, but the former is probably better. As I am yet to collect my rifle, I was lucky, the FAC is now off to be amended, but someone less lucky could get caught out and not be able to buy ammo while being the proud owner of a new rifle. Watch out!

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    Hope you get it sorted and turned around quickly. Sounds as if it's yet another force trying to dabble with conditions and cocking it up!

    A timely reminder maybe that the condition to allow purchase and possession of expanding ammo/bullets or missiles should read exactly as stated in the HO Guidance Chapter 4, or as per Condition 8 in Appendix 3. The actual use of expanding is of course dependent on the condition attached to the firearm and not just this ammo condition.

    Any deviation from the prescribed form may leave you in illegal possession depending on quarry/use.

    8. Expanding Ammunition
    • The certificate holder may possess,
    purchase or acquire expanding ammunition,
    or the missiles of such ammunition, in the
    calibres authorised by this certificate and
    use only in connection with:
    (a) the lawful shooting of deer;
    (b) the shooting of vermin or, in
    connection with the management of
    any estate, other wildlife;
    (c) the humane killing of animals;
    (d) the shooting of animals for the
    protection of other animals or humans.

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    Thanks Orion,

    The conditions of the FAC are clear enough about the use of the weapons for stalking deer, shooting vermin and zeroing, but I will remind my FEO accordingly to make sure.

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