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    sportsmans [dorset ]

    just a quicky to say how well i was dealt with by rob at sportsmans ,after getting some rather bad press on here i followed my gut intinct about folk and did a deal with rob after a chat at the cla i traded my steyr 243 for the same in 6.5x55 rfd 'd to rob agreed the price and my 6.5 is now at my local rfd awaiting my collection ,come on northants police I NEED MY TICKET ,all in a week well done rob !

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    I've done a fair bit through sportsman near dorchester and always found them excellent to deal with. Have always been into the shop though never bought via the website.

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    Blooming eck Norma
    trading in a .243 for a 6.5x55.... man hav you lost your
    atleast you still hav a .308 for a normality check
    Hope you get sorted sooner than later as there is no joy in waiting especially when it's a new toy to play with

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    Well I suppose even Sportsman can slip up and get something right on occasion.. Not something I have experienced personally after several attempts so now don't even look at their adverts. After all why waste my time?

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    gotta try these things havent you , well i will let you know how the 6.5 pans out soon as i get my mitts on it ,nothing but good things about it on here really, so i will blame the sd if we dont get on but as its another steyr dont spose i would be able to flog in classifieds ,saying that i had two responces to my 243 soon as sportsmans had it

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    I have a .243 and a 6.5, and recently started loading the 6.5 with Barnes 100gr TTSXs. Wow! It now shoots as flat as the .243 with phenomanal accuracy and great knock down power. I had tried the original Barnes X bullets but wasn't happy with the accuracy. Now they've polymer tipped them they are superb. Expensive yes, but I have always believed the bullet is the cheapest part of our sport, and something you need to have total confidence in. would seriously recommend them and can provide load data if you reload.

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    Interesting, but it's best to take such froth with smelling salts. Barnes TTSX technology bullets aren't necessary, and are just too expensive. If their price tag is the cheapest part of the experience then to me that's just being shafted on all fronts.

    In the 6.5x55 - if you want to match .243 100gr speeds the Sierra 120gr SP Prohunter will do a superior job every time. Even these are a bit pricey, but there's nothing cheaper available that I know of..... the .264" bullet range is fairly narrow.

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    Don't quite understand what you're saying Sinistral? What do you mean by 'just being shafted on all fronts?'
    I also fail to understand how a 120gr bullet 'will do a superior job everytime', when I was talking about making the 6.5 shoot flat? Just how will a 120gr .264 shoot flatter than a 100gr .264????

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    used Barnes TSXs and TTSXs in my 7x57 and 270, the penetration and stopping power on plains game was better than the Partitions I used on a previous trip. Astounding accuracy, and the two P.H.s I hunted with loved them, I can get them cheaper than partitions as well. deerwarden

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    Sportsman in Dorset always provide me with good service when I'm over that way.

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