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Thread: FAC & SHC Questions

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    FAC & SHC Questions

    Hi all,

    Well, having been advised that as a foreigner (no flames please ) moving to London, I could actually bring in my shotgun and rifle (1 each) on a Visitors Pass, for the 1st year. But that I would have to store them somewhere else until I had approved FAC and SGC.

    So, off I go to apply for both, which leads me to the following questions:

    1. Photos: I saw somewhere that you need photos, and they need to be countersigned by the witnesses. On the SGC its mentioned, but not how many you need, and on the FAC I only saw it on a board, its not on the official application. Could someone explain all this to me: how many are needed for each application, and signed by whom?

    2. Gun Safes: I won't be able to buy until I'm physically in my flat in london, as need to find somewhere to put it (rented in all of 25mins). Do gun shops generally deliver / install, or am I on my own here? I was thinking of getting: (Brattonsound SL 5+ Sentinel). Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about them? Was thinking that 1) this would be enough for me to expand on once I'm settled in, and 2) has an integrated locking top, which allows for storage of ammo and bolts (or have I misunderstood it again?).

    3. SGC: it mentions that the countersignatory should be "MOP, Justice of the Peace, minister of religion, doctor, lawyer, established civil servant, bank officer..." - is that literal, or does that just mean: someone with no criminal record, upstanding member of society, and no criminal record?

    Thanks so much for all your help!

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    1. Your application information pack should tell you. It's very fiddly.

    2. Put off buying one until the FLO has been to see you and said they'll issue the tickets.

    3. Yes, for a SGC they have to be a 'professional' type person. Your best mate wont be good enough if he's a bricklayer for instance. My SGC referee was a Chartered thingumybob.

    Your FAC referees can be your friends.


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    Hi Dugon,
    Firstly when you arrive you will need to keep your shotgun and Rifle in a safe place. I will have a word with my (and yours soon) registered firearms dealer. I'm sure it will be no problem to store them with him in the short term.

    As far as I remember you need four for each licence i.e. eight, four for the shotgun certificate and four for the rifle (firearms licence).
    The rules are odd but here goes.
    For the shotgun two photos need to be countersigned by a person of suitable standing e.g Lawyer, doctor, bank manager. If you use another un mentioned person you may be refused.
    For the firearms licence any old Tom Dick or Harry will do. My suggestion would be to use the same person for both to avoid delays.
    Everything is outlined on the forms, but the local firearms enquirey officer will be able to advise, I'll have a word with him.

    Rifle and shotgun safes.
    Let's talk to our local gunshop, I know he stocks the Brattonsound safes (I got mine there). With regards delivery and fitting, I'm sure we can sort that out between us.

    SGC countersignatures,
    I think I covered that in with the photo question.

    P.M. me if you need any help,
    I'll do my best.

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    S.: thanks very much

    Don't have an info pack, just a downloaded pdf from the web. Where does one get the packet?

    Mark: PM sent, thanks again!

    Now, if I could only get my TV License sorted!

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    Call you local police FLO and they will have a pack they can send you with everything in it. They often put in FAQ's for the common mistakes to make their lives easier.

    Good luck, it's a detailed process and can take a while.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dugongberbulu
    Now, if I could only get my TV License sorted!

    For God's sake don't screw up over the TV licence, Dugong!!!! Get that wrong and they deport you back to the nasty end of Cuba!

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    Each force has slightly different interperations of the detail required on a FAC application and impose slightly conditions when they issue the certificate. I could give general advice which may be right but I'm not an expert. In an important matter such as this why not speak to a specialist. If you are a member of BASC then ring the Firearms department at Marford Mill they deal with these issues every day.

    They have a comprenhensive and detailed understanding of firearms law and exactly what detail you are required to provide, sometimes forces ask for more detail than they are required to do by law. They will help you fill in the form and advise as to the most acceptable form of words to help you get what you want on your certificate. They also know what interpertations the various forces have about FAC conditions and safety requirements.

    I have had assistance from them with various issues with both Hampshire and Grampian forces. The BASC employees I have spoken to over the years have been helpful and pleasant also their advice has been down to earth, willingly given and spot on.

    I am aware that some people in the SD do not like the BASC or the services they provide and they are entitled to their opinion however I think that for the service that this department alone provides it is worth the membership fee especially for a newbie to rifle or shotgun sport in this country.

    Good luck with your application


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    "sometimes forces ask for more detail than they are required to do by law. "

    the form is a national standard. no force asks for more than they require at the application stage.

    if you drop into the local nick and ask for the forms they will give them to you. read them carefully all the information is on the forms. refer to my other post where i give a full breakdown of how to fill them in.

    I am sure with buckups help you will get it sorted. If you require anything else or any more help filling the forms please PM me and i will gladly help.


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    "sometimes forces ask for more detail than they are required to do by law. "

    Quite correct, this is often the case.

    You certainly can't pop into the local nick and pick up the forms in some force areas. You should be able to, the firearms act says you can, but some only issue on request from the firearms admin office. The way around this is to download the forms from the internet.

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    whats wrong with a bricklayer acting as a countersignatory for a sgc ?? .
    I am a bricklayer by trade and have countersigned quite a few shot gun certificates and also for Fac's. All you have to be is some one of good standing in the community to act as a countersignatory Eg. there employer and no criminal record.But you have to have known the applicant for 3 years as i remember rightly ??? or has this changed in the last 6 months ?. Snowstorm are you confusing bricklayers with cowboys by any chance ? .

    Bob the Builder

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