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Thread: Beretta 12G O/U

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    Beretta 12G O/U

    My wife has a very pretty Beretta 682 Gold E, which she shoots very well with and loves. However,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

    It is probably the worst gun I have ever had to clean. She started doing it herself, but it requires so much effort it has fallen upon my shoulders now. Just wondering if anyone out there has experienced the same? Would love someone to come up with a cure too if you know of one. The worst deposits are just in front of the breech, and can take thirty minutes of vigorous scrubbing with the bronze brush to clear.


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    Change your cartridges!!!!!!!!!!!

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    ive got 2 682 gold es and both of them are exactly the same, they just dont seem to clear properly where as my miroku bores will be gleaming after no effort whatsoever.

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    go to your local gunshop and buy a "payne galway" chamber brush! Cost about 8 and fits onto your rods.

    Problem sorted as it is much bigger compared to a normal bronze brush.

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    Are you shooting Eley Firsts? Soft lead syndrome. I got a hedgehog brush, aluminium rod and attached it to a power drill - scrubs very well. Dab of superglue on the threads lets you reverse direction.

    I hate Eley Firsts for that reason, yet my pocket loves them because they are cheap and break clays.

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    i have the p[ayne gallway brush lol........and a bog standard one but still no vast improvement haha, i have only shot hull sovereigns through these guns and the occasional game shell and the miroku will always come up spotless and the berettas wont. its annoying but its doesnt effect the performance in anyway so i just kind of learned to live with it and moan occassionaly

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    Mrs. Buckup shoots Kent cartridges at the moment, but has used RC1's and Eleys. Doesn't seem to make much difference, it's still a devil to clean. I brought a triple length bronze brush to increase the amount of scrub per pass through the bore. The bore get's quite hot with all the scrubbing, but it still takes several repetitions of solvent and scrubs.
    Ziggy I'm glad to hear I'm not alone. My AYA and even my old Baikal clean easier than the Beretta.


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    Is Mrs B shooting plastic or fibre wads? If fibre, the gunge is probably streaking from the shot, if plastic then the streaks will be plastic and you may want to use an appropriate cleaner/solvent.

    I shoot a 687, put various cartridges through it and they all leave different types of crud in front of the forcing cones. Like Geronimo, I find an aluminium rod, phosphor bronze brush and a power drill does the trick.

    If you're not careful you'll be doing the washing up soon!

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    You could do what I do and clean them once a year. Chrome lined barrels dont seem to mind whether there cleaned once or one thousand times a year.

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    dirty barrels

    You might find it's down to the "back-bored optima" barrels they use, I hade a 687 Silver Pigeon with the same barrels and it was a pig to clean. It's all down to the hot gases escaping around the wad as it leaves the cartridge, it cannot expand quick enough to fill the over boring in the barrel, this melts parts of the wad which sticks to the first 3" or so of the barrel, even using fibre doesn't completely stop it as they sometimes use small amounts of it in the so called fibre wads.
    Power drill and a bronze chamber brush will do the trick and will not damage the bores.

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