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Thread: What deer are in shropshire?

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    What deer are in shropshire?

    Well im going to be starting at Harper Adams in September/October so a relocation is on from yorkshire down to shropshire and I was wondering what deer there are in shropshire?


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    Fallow ( including long haired ) Roe , muntjac just appearing and a splattering of reds if you are lucky to get in on that action

    enjoy your stay George as it may be years before you get the chance again

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    i have a keeper friend down that neck off the woods and deer are thin on the ground i think he has shot 4 in forty years

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    Lots of Fallow around Ludlow and across to Wenlock Edge, plus a good population north of Shrewsbury and around Powys Castle along the Welsh border. There are plenty of Roe too, but they are in definite population pockets - no shortage of them down here on the Herefordshire / Shropshire border. Not sure what the Muntjac population is throughout Shropshire but that are moving into South Shropshire along the Teme corridor.


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    Shropshire is a big county but there are fallow in several places, the long haired variety near Mortimer Forest, and the others mostly along the Welsh border, and you'd have to go a fair way west from Harper Adams to find them. There are good and increasing numbers of roe and muntjac, particularly in the area around Ludlow, and a very few reds, again mostly on the Welsh border. There are also deer to the north east in Staffordshire and Cheshire on the edge of the Peak District with reds, muntjac and a few roe around and some of these are probably closer than the Shropshire deer. To the east there are fallow and reds around Cannock Chase and roe and muntjac down into Warwickshire and surprisingly close to Birmingham.

    Having said all this stalking is hard to get but try Herbert on this forum who has roe, fallow and muntjac available near Leominster and the Criggion Estate near Welshpool offers fallow stalking.

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    You'll be too busy studying to go stalking young man!!!
    Plenty of fallow down there George.
    Best of luck with your studies.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    we have some fallow south of shrewsbury and spotted a munjac for the first time on the same ground a couple of months ago, no roe though.

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    There are Fallow the odd Roe and Muntjac. If you want to buy some stalking by the day Fallow are your best bet. I'm not far from Shrewsbury, give me a shout if you fancy some rough shooting or a bit of lamping when you get settled.


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    Thanks everyone looks like fallow are the best bet although bought talking mat be hard to come by but we
    Shall see. Was just interested as to what was about so thanks.


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