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Thread: last evening success

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    last evening success

    thought i would put some photos on of the buck i shot thursday evening. wanted to put on pics of the whole thing but camera battery died and had to deal with it before it was charged.

    i have several questions for you. as i have only shot a few deer each one is a learning curve.

    i shot the buck quartering away from me. very pleased with the shot broke a rib on way in took off top of heart. no exit wound though. about 60 yards away. .308 150 grain geco t mantel ammo. first buck i have had with this rifle. is this usual to not have an exit wound or is it the bullet.

    want to mount the antlers but not sure how best to remove the velvet.

    brow tines are 7 inchs. widest point is 27 1/2 inchs and longest antler is 25 inchs from coronet to point. is it worth getting them measured properly

    regards pj

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    I don't shoot any bucks whose head I would like to keep until they are clean .

    Atb Steve

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    in an ideal world i would do the same but there is a group of eleven bucks raiding an orchard mostly at night. there is a buck with similar sized antlers but far more semetrical. several buck with four points and a few prickets. it came down to which is the safest / best shot and protecting the trees.

    another question i had was which hoist / pulley would you recommend. want something to help load deer into back of land rover and then assit hanging in garage etc
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    Has anyone used the folding gambrel hoist advertised in sporting rifle

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    thought id put some better pics on. and can anyone give me a rough age from the teeth.

    cheers pj
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    It won't score anything as it is a fishtail. I've shot quite a few of them in the New Forest and Ashdown Forset area.

    Are the tips hard? The Fallow I had the other day are all still spongey on the tips so if yours id it won't peel off and look very nice.

    As for age my guess would be 5-7. Due to being on my phone I can't see pictures apart from the ones higher up on your 1st post.

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    Thanks for reply chopper. The tips are hard and velvet is starting to peel off the brow tine

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