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Thread: Docter rifle scope questions

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    Docter rifle scope questions

    Hello. I am new to the sd and from the gentlememen are much more wise in low light scope performance than most i come to you asking info on docter scopes.we have a few at my gun dealer and i can buy one for considerably less than a diavari,swarovski or s&b.i can buy new for $500 u.s. Dollars.whereas the big 3's are $1200-$2000us.dollars.i hear mixed reviews though.even my dealer says they are = to a zeiss conquest.not that a conquest is bad,i have one and think they are nice but not a diavari.then there are others who say docters are right up there with the big 3.your thoughts?

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    The scopes that are available to me are the classic 1.5-6x42, 2.5-10x48 and the 3-12x56.they are non illuminated.

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    You are trying to wind us up aren't you? A doctor scope for only $500 - grab it and run. Very good scopes and well worth the money.
    If I could buy a Doctor 1.5-6x42 for that sort of money I would jump at the chance.

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    I have the 3-12x56 non ill,superb quality optics.
    I was always told Doctor was the "poormans schmidt",and think doctor use glass made by schott.

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    Have had a Docter 8 x 56 for about 6 years & i thought i would treat my self to a new scope to put on my .270 so bought a Swarovski 8 x 56 & to be truthfull i can,t see any diffrence.
    I have just picked up another Docter scope.

    For the money that you can get them for go for the Docter.

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    I have a doctor 3-12-56 bdc and it is great in low light (non ill) I'd grab one if I was you you won't be dissappointed

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    i can also purchase the docter nobilem 7x50 b/ga binoculars for $450 u.s. Dollars.they are new in the box and i hear they are the cat's meow.we hunt whitetail deer and have 1.6 million population in my state alone.the big ones are bad about waiting for last light to come out.we plant fields of wheat and oat and if you have good light gathering optics you can close the deal.thanks for your input.

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    i have a 3-12x56 doctor and find it very good in low light

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    out of interest what state are you living in ??

    atb steve

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bordersman View Post
    out of interest what state are you living in ??

    atb steve
    With 1.6 million local deer and cheap optics and firearms available; I'd say a permanant state of uphoria!
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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