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Thread: feeling the water labrador

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    feeling the water labrador

    looking for a small type lab bitch kc reg black . not ftch or show types. must kennel out pup and must come from strong working lines .noel pm me please

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    why not FTCH lines? I had a lab bitch that was directly out of the winner and third in retriever championship. Best dog I will ever own,, very biddable, excellent worker, could train for any role- stalking, picking up, hunting etc.

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    I have some black lab bitch pups ready to go now, the dam and sire both work, there are ftch in both pedigrees but it will be hard to find a decent working bitch with no champions in pedigree!!

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    thanks for all the replys and i will get back to you on monday .i think my trainer was refering to a springer spaniel with FTCH ? noel

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