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Thread: Tikka t3

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    Tikka t3

    Hi all ,saving the pennies for my first rifle like the look of the tikka t3 varmint stain/synth.
    I heard 1 or 2 reports of the bolt shroud breaking/falling off,can any of you guys with a t3 please advise.

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    I'm on my 3rd T3, 4th Tikka, (changing calibres). Not had any problems with any of them......

    Why the varmint? You will regret it after carrying it for any length of time. I had a heavy barrel rifle, hence the "had".........

    A good rifle, accurate enough for stalking and longer shooting (Bunnies, foxes etc).

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    Cheerz tj maybe look at a t3 lite or hunter,once you add a scope/mod etc it might be a bit heavy to lug about
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    I sold my Tikka T3 .243 Hunter recently on here. It was a fine accurate rifle with a nice trigger.
    It also shot half-inch groups with the cheap Privi Partisan 100gr ammo.

    I still have a synthetic T3 HB Varminter in 6.5X55 calibre, it too is a fine accurate piece.
    Carrion crows don`t like the Hornady 140gr bullets much !

    For many years I lugged a Tikka Mod.55 Varminter HB .22/250 about in the forests and on the mountains of Co. Wicklow, Eire when we were restricted to .22cf rifles only .
    Being younger and fit the weight did not bother me too much then.

    Picture of the 6.5X55 below.

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    Hi stevie,I own a Tikka T3 synth/stainless in .222 and i have to say it is a joy to use,Never had a problem with it,accurate as hell.I use it mainly for lamping foxs and the odd Roe north of the border.I use Sako factory ammo 55gr gameking and im more than happy with it.If i was going to get rid of it i would only go for a bigger calibre in the same make and model.Buy a T3 and you wont be disappointed.My mate has a varmit and they are a tad heavy,But what the hell,Try one if your unsure.
    Atb John.

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    Whats the difference in weight between the t3 and t3 varmint ?
    Atb stevie

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    Hi I've got a T3 stainless synthetic in 270 and yes a piece has snapped off the bolt shroud, nothing major, still shoots straight just haven't got round to changing it if I ever will!! As for weight, I wouldn't go for varmint if you've got to carry it any distance, I'm built like a BSH and went for the lite!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by steviemac View Post
    Whats the difference in weight between the t3 and t3 varmint ?
    Atb stevie
    The published weights are :-
    T3 .243 Hunter 3.1 kilos. [about 6.6 pounds.]
    T3 6.5X55 Varmint 3.6 kilos , [about 7.92 pounds.]


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    i have had the Tikka T3 lite synthetic in 308 with harris bipod and Ziess 3-12-56 sight never had any probs with it shoots fine with all types of rounds. never know your carrying it unlike the 338 the army gives me for work

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    Thanks for your advice folks will be getting a t3, which one i get remains to be seen .How much are second hand tikkas going for ,do left hand rifles cost a bit more?

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