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Thread: .243 Sauer Outback Bore Guide Recommendations

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    .243 Sauer Outback Bore Guide Recommendations

    Wondering if anyone can recommend a bore guide for a .243 Sauer 202 Outback.

    I have tried the RSB 204 from Reloading Solutions but this did not fit properly as the main tube was too thick to allow the guide to fit far enough in to provide a proper seal and allow a cleaning rod to exit?

    Thanks in advance of any recomendations for a guide and a supplier.



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    You could try Possum hollow:

    Available from: Whom are a pleasure to deal with.

    Atb, Buck.
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    Thanks for that Buck.

    Will look into that option.



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    Try sinclair International vry helpful they will even make a custom one for you.

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    Thanks for the suggestions.

    As it happens, Reloading Solutions came through in the end and sent me one which fits.

    For reference if anyone is looking for a bore guide to fit a Sauer 202 Outback in .243 Reloading Solutions sell one, ask for
    Bore Guide # 144



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    Hi Ben

    Do you reload your ammo, as i to have an outback in 243, just wondering what works best for you ?
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    Been very impressed with the Sauer's performance, it will keyhole with Sako 90 gr and a friends Sauer 202 used to shoot very well with 100gr RWS.

    Not yet started to reload but its something I might look at in the future, at the moment though the factory ammo is performing very well.

    I will probably give the 100gr RWS a go once I have finished this batch of Sako so that I have flexibility for a day or two at the hinds.

    I put an Atec Maxim moderator on it and it is fantastic, great performance and its nice and light, easy to clean if you need to.



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