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Thread: first stalk

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    first stalk

    i finally had my first ever stalk yesterday morning and it was great,i have the bug,just had a quick glimpse of a roe but it was great.i cant wait for the next time.

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    The Bug

    Once you get that bug there is no looking back. You wont regret it though.

    Good luck.


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    Well done Tika, when you get the bug there ain't no stopping it and when you down your first beast its an experience that's unforgettable, hopefully it will come your way very soon.

    l to had a first yesterday morning, took out my first guest of the estate owners and a good time was had to.

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    First stalk

    Congratulations Tika,
    I Knew it was just a question of time. May you enjoy many more.

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    thanks everyone,i should be out in a couple of weeks.

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    Good luck! I hope you get a deer next time out.
    Next hurdle is getting some land. I'm in the process of obtaining my first decent bit of land permission and have spent all day putting up 'private no entry' signs and fixing fences.
    The police are coming to check the land out to see if its okay. Only problem is 'twating mountain bikers' trespassing all over the fields and woodland. Lycra clad tossers!

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    First stalk

    Well done Tikka.308. It is always refreshing to hear about new people coming into the sport, and the their joy about finally getting out with their rifle and stalking. I wish you every success for the future.


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    Well done Tikka .308, you will get one soon enough. I'm glad you enjoyed it, even without getting a shot off, just being there is quite something in itself.


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    thanks again everyone,its taken me a while but now i have got there its great.i have learnt alot off this site there and there is lots more to learn so keep up the good work every body.the first field i looked up there were two charlies slinking about that was hard not to have a go,its great watching everything waking up or just off to bed.the lad who took me out told me he saw the buck in the same place again two days ago so watch this space.its nice to find somebody out there who doesnt want to rip you off and help you get in to the field.

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