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Thread: best allround dog

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    best allround dog

    hi all. would like to know your thought`s on, wat`s the best all round dog, jon

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    Lab or GWP,labs easier to train than GWP if you have little experience with dogs,your Germans are not a novice ride,whereas a lab is born half trained(normally)
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    Lab or Wirehaired Viszla.

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    +1 re labs and GWPs, had a few labs and found them a sound dog for game and deer, first go with a GWP and have had an interesting 12 months with him.
    To be honest he is head and shoulders over the labs in ability already and absolutly fearless.

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    the answer depends on what dog you own tbh.everyone is biased towards there breed.what shooting you do also plays a big part,iv always had springers and love them,but since i got my glp i can see so many things my spaniels only did ok as opposed to did well.mayb we need lists of what you use your dogs for,find out how versatile our dogs realy are

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    If it's a best overall dog then we don't need to know what you want it for.

    Its gotta be a Lab or a Springer, Shooting Times last month had a spread on the top ten gundogs with pro's and con's. Springers came out tops with Labs second. The Con's for springers were something like can be hard work, the con's for labs were 'A bit dull'. Cockers came in third.

    For me it's gotta be a Lab, but that's because I have one. She's not the best trained dog and she's a pet first, but she'll happily retreive pigeons, find deer and not to long ago kept pulling a wounded fox I shot out of a wynd bush (not my best shot!). For what I put in I get a heck of a lot out of her. She has her moments though!

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    If you are talking shooting related the springer and lab must rate highly but if you are talking most versatile dog breed the German Shepherd IMO would come tops. From guide dog to a very effective guard/man stopper with all sorts in between (drugs/bomb detection/cash finder etc etc).

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    some years back due to a run of bad luck the only dog i had of working age was a 12 month old patterdale dog , he was never more than a couple of hundred yards from me for the next 2 years , on the rearing field , shoot days , feeding , checking traps , at home or in the pub . He would do anything earth work , beating to blood trailing , hell of a dog with hell of a nose , the old boys asleep in the chair now about 17 year old , white faced , a bit deaf with fading eyes but boy that old nose still works . old jakes been my best all rounder and mate for some years now and will leave a big hole when he goes . Best all round dog ? the one youve got , and you only get out what you put in make the most of them it flys by

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    I have 3 labs and I have to say they will do anything a Gwp will do,even better,ie they won't attack cats or other dogs but then I might be a wee bit bias,they will pull down deer when required to do so,as a gwp will do,they will also "point" deer when deer are in front of them as a gwp will,easier trained than any pointer or terrier too
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    I have to agree with Mr Wolverine Labs would be my first choice for a novice.However for stalking i use a gwp training took some time but we got there in the end.Wolverine whats wrong with dogs attacking cats seems perfectly reasonable especially when they crapping in my veg plot.

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