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Thread: Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter II .243 with T8 Moderator

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    Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter II .243 with T8 Moderator

    For sale, Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter II .243 with T8 Moderator, and 30mm mounts with bases. Selling due to complete lack of use! Scope not included.


    Would put a photo on but I cant figure out how to do it!
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    had mine on here for 2 mths soon as i traded it 2 guys asked about ....eddyslimfast and robmiller both interested try them mate
    good luck gr8 rifle just got same in 6.5

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    I have Priv messaged you


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    How many rounds have gone through it?

    Steyer 6.5

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    good luck with the sale mate. a great price.

    sold mine on here and the lad was well chuffed with it, since then i must say i miss that smooth bolt on them.

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    i have one 243 stainless barrel, pro hunter mk 2 with a p8 compact on and a jsr scope,


    genuinely only had 47 bullets through it!

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    I don't need the scope how much without and is it the full length barrel or the mountain?

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    full length barrel

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