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Thread: Just proud of my dogs

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    Just proud of my dogs

    I'm not sure how to post the pics on here, so I'm sure someone will tell me, but i've just put new pics on the site. So i thought i would share them with you.

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    Thanks Ali,

    Interesting to read about the breed.

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    Hi Paint and Pins

    You live next door to me and I never knew it. But sorry buddy I am a GWP fan though and though .

    Best rgds


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    One small thing Ali, your site refers to a "Chamois deer", they are in fact part of the sheep/goat family. I have spent a bit of time hunting them.

    Best rgds


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    Hi Thar,
    Blimey living next door, our next door neighbour is a guy who watches birds and keeps cats, is that really you?

    He also winges when he can see deer carcasses hanging in the stables!

    Thanks for the chamois hint, it's actually just to check if people read the site properly...well that's my story

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    I am in DG10 mate, so nearly next door. Welcome to the site.

    I brought a top quality collar and brinsgel (spelling?) a few years ago and it cost a fair bit more than the kit you are selling.

    Best rgds


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