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Thread: Hello all from Ayrshire

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    Post Hello all from Ayrshire

    I live in Ayr and work most of the time from home, so every chance I get, I like to be outdoors. I previously did a lot of shotgun rough & wildfowling shooting back in the 80's but had a break, sold all my gear and started bringing up a family.

    I the last few years I have been heavily involved in target shooting and I am now the Secretary for the Ardeer Rifle & Pistol Club. We shoot a mixted bag of comps (.22 sporting rifle, .22 benchrest, Black Powder single shot pistol, revolver, musket and rifle). Recently we had a club member build a minature BP cannon which he has shot in competition. I also am a member of Shandon Pistol and Rifle club where we shoot a mixture of Rimfire, Centerfire underlever, and Fullbore rifle (Enfield No4 .303, Mosin Nagant 7.62x54R, Enfield Target 7.62x51, Rem .270).

    Looking forward I would now like to get involved in vermin control and deer stalking and have started reading up for the DSC1.

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    Welcome to the site, you are in a good place to progress. Plenty stalkers around you there, Jim

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    All so welcome to the site,Level 1 is just the start.I hope you have deep pockets
    some run this as a business,so be very careful
    the boys on her are very good & helpful
    Best of luck with the stalking still trying to get foot in the door
    my story is similar to yours.
    If you wont help with level 1 give me a pm.Doing my level 2 now. DEN.
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    Welcome to the site, as you can see there is no shortage of help on here.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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