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Thread: 1998 Freelander - Should I / Shouldn't I

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    1998 Freelander - Should I / Shouldn't I

    After my girlfriend decided to test how strong my 10 year old defender was when up against a crash barrier and another car I have been left 4x4 less.

    I'm not to keen on splashing out big bucks so want something cheap that I can take up the hill and into the fields, our skoda octavia may be 4x4 but it has its limits.

    I've been offered a R reg 5 door 2.0l diesel freelander from a friend for £500 (it's MOT'd). Should I steer clear or are they suprisingly OK? It meets the cheap and 'not going to care if it gets damaged box' but will I just have my hand in my pocket?

    Any other thoughts on what to get? I suggested a Van but my father said I'd just look like a poacher!


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    I'm not impressed with them. No low range. No space inside. Cheap though as you say and if the above doesnt matter to you....its a bmw engine I think and I dont personally like them much either..... but it is cheap!

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    Exactly it's cheap!

    I've had defenders since I was 19 all bar a 1 year gap where I thought I could do with out, turned out I couldn't.

    I suppose I did use low range but not a lot, maybe even rarely.

    They are a f&*king eyesore though!

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    I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.
    but that is me
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    I had to compromise with the other half and get one TD4 - 52plate, I will put my neck out and say I ( and others that have been in it with me) all think it can go anywhere a def can. Saying that it has been raised 4" and has proper A/T's on it! The older diesels seem to be ok, but at that price I'd go for it and just drop the rear seats for all the space you need...

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    Quote Originally Posted by big_dog View Post
    I woodent tuch it with abarg pole.
    but that is me
    Because is is U L G Y or unreliable?

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    I've had most Land Rovers but never had a Freelander Mk1 Td4 however a friend who has one got far better performance out of it by having it chipped, apparently Land Rover have to set them up for the lowest common denominator in terms of fuel quality and by chipping for the better fuel in the UK it you get better mpg and better performance. Never hear a bad word about the Freelander 2s though.

    On a similar subject something odd is happening in Ruthin, on two separate occasions last week I've seen three new but different Range Rover Evoques in the town within a few minutes of each other - doubtful that this is coincidence but anyone know what's going on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by big_dog View Post
    I woodent tuch it with abarg pole.
    but that is me
    That's a bit harsh DEN. !! I take it you've spent a few hour under the bonnet of one then.!!!!!

    Rgads, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Hi aliS your not getting robbed for £500 quid,I know a lad who still has his from new,Its never let him down,The petrols were s***e.Its NOT a Defender and it wont go where a Defender will go if its Motd and does the job for you i think its a bargain.You"ll get £200-£250 scrap if it packs in anyway.
    Atb John.

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    Check and make sure it's got it's rear prop shaft as a lot of people remove them and just have front wheel drive,check on the land rover forums for more info

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