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Thread: N150 powder

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    N150 powder

    Looking for some N150 powder tried normal supplier but he is charging 76POUNDS per kg.Powder seems to go up in price every month.I will have to start using black powder at this rate.What are you lads being charged around ripoff Britain.

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    Thats about right, well not right but thats what it costs.

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    yep 76 is about right for a Kg of Viht, it is 74 around here for 140 if you can find it in stock!
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    I get bulk orders together, last delivery in June was 62/kg for the N1 series and 65/kg for N5 series.

    If you get over 12kg together you don't have to suck the hazmat fee which is what makes powder so expensive! With the Hazmat in the cost goes up to 70 something per Kg so your dealers aren't ripping you off, it's the cost of the Health & Safety....

    The reason for the shortages is that the entire Uk consigment from Viht equals a few large shops in the US and we are far and away more bureaucratic to deal with as a country - I heard the latest consignment is sitting in a bonded warehouse because a form hasn't been completed in triplicate!!

    P.S. the American powders are even more extortionate avg 38/lb which is 84/kg
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