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Thread: Forestry commision land

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    Forestry commision land

    Hi all ,looking for some advice.Do you need a dsc2 to take on forestry commision ground?
    Studying for dsc1 at moment.
    Cheerz stevie

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    hi there, i believe the principle lease holder must be level2 holder and the others making up the syndicate numbers should be aiming towards level 2,but i may well be wrong ,hope this helps ,arron

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    Statement is correct but works on a point system. You will lose out on points if not level twos and one year to complete if you get in. Now most leases state number of people on the lease. Think it is to stop the farse of oversubscribing leases. Jim

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    Leaseholder must have level 2. Syndicate members must have level 1 and working towards level 2. Level 2 must be obtained within first year of lease. As Jim says it works on a points system so the more level 2 holders in your proposed syndicate the more points.

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    leaseholder must have Level 2 but there is also other criteria ie first aid cert,quad cert plus a load of other cert you need.It goes on apoint system more points better chance of getting ground.Inearly forgot a large wedge of money.

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