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    Hello all,

    I just joined the site from the State of Arizona in the United States. I'm hoping to find out information regarding a British made rifle I own.

    It is a BSA, I believe Imperial model 30-06 rifle. I was finally uprading the scope after owning it for 6 or 7 years. I took it down to the local sporting goods store and the fella behind the counter broke the mounting screw for the front scope ring.

    I looking for a a replacement Parker Hale rans4 scope ring or information in a ring that will work in its place.

    Any help would be great. JMO

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    Welcome to the site, I am sure you will find out what you want on here.

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    Welcome John,
    Hope you find the answers to your questions Im sure there is some one on here can help you.

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    Hi everyone, just a quick introduction, i have been looking at posts on the site for a while but onlky just got around to registering. I live in Devon and enjoy all shooting and fishing, Deer stalking being one of my main passions. I have had many calibres over the years but currently use an RPA Interceptor which is chambered in 6mm BR Norma. I have been deer stalking for around 21 years now. Anyway hopefully now i can get some time to read and reply to some of the posts on here.

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    Welcome to the man from across the pond, and to the Devonian.

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    Hello again,

    I guess I didn't post most of my bio data in my intro. I live in Mesa Arizona in the United States. I have been hunting around twenty-six years. I have slowed down as my kids got older and take up more time. I have been focusing on bigger game hunting. I usually shoot a 7mm, but I own a 30-06 that I'm trying to get back in action. I'm even thinking about going back to a 270 for that smaller deer in the area.

    I work for a local law enforcement agency, so I get some extra shooting in through work.

    I joined the sight to reach out and find some help regarding the British made rifle I own and the response has been great.

    That's me for now and thanks for the welcomes and information. JMO
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    Welcome to SD JMO, I spend some time every couple of years in Tucson, never there long enough to enjoy any hunting though.

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