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Thread: BSA rifle

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    BSA rifle


    I'm looking for information regarding a BSA rifle. I don't know much about it other than the serial number #702371, it was made by Birmingham Small Arms in England and it's a 30-06. It does have a distinct muzzle brake cut into the barrel. I think it might be an Imperial from a few things I have read on the net.

    I was wondering where in England it might have been made and when. I was also wondering if its possible to find replacement scope rings for the original Parker Hale model rans4. I was recently at a sporting goods store and the fella mounting a new scope broke the locking screw on one of the mounts. I have read Parker Hale may have gone out of business. I was wondering if there are any replacement rings out there that would work. Any idea, information or suggestions would be great. JMO

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    Do you mean the screw that runs through the block to clamp the mounts to the rifle rather than a screw that holds the two halfs of the rings together? If so I have a couple of spare screws in my gunroom, having previously done the same myself. They are yours for free if they are of any use.

    Believe it or not Birmingham small arms used to be made in Birmingham. They were a company with a very long and distinguished history but like Parker Hale whose factory was also in Birmingham are no more, other than in name and as manufacturers of air rifles. My memory fails me as to the models that had muzzle brakes and I will have to go and look it up, but I think you probably have a BSA monarch or majestic, probably the later.
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    The Majestic definitely was available with a built in muzzle brake, the BSAs were well made good rifles, I personally rate them over the PHs. Put some photos up and I am sure our resident BSA/PH expert “Brithunter” will give you all the info’ you need.



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    OK you posted the serial number but not the prefix. 30-06 prefixs were as follows:-

    7B=Hunter L.A. Imperial
    7D=Imperial Featherweight
    7E=Majestic from 1965-1971
    7G=Majestic from 1960-1966
    7L= Monarch 1st pattern
    7M= Monarch 2nd pattern
    7R= CF2

    You should be able to tell now which model as to date it actually the only chance is the Birmingham Private view mat which is crossed lances with letters at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock and a single digit at 6 o'clock the letters give a date code. Hope that helps.

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    I have a BSA in 300 win mag - no muzzle break on it. A very nice gun and very accurate too. Very effective on (big) Red stags and wild boar.

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    Thanks for the reply 8x57. Yes that is exactly the screw that broke. It looks like it has a star shaped end and was pressed into the mount. Were you able to knocked that out or did you have to drill it out?

    That would be great to be able to get a replacement screw. You can't find anything like that in the states. I live in Arizona, so I would be willing to somehow pay for shipping. Let me know if we can work something out.

    Thanks for the post. I've had the rifle for sometime. I've only shot it a couple of time because I could never get the scope that was on it zeroed in. I decided to get a new scope and start putting some rounds down range when the mount broke. Go figure....
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    After reading your post I went back and looked at the serial number again and I read it wrong the serial number is 7D2371 indicating an Imperial featherweight. As for the date code, it looks like it could be a "I" or maybe and "l" on the left a "B" on the right and a 2 at the bottom. Is there somewhere I can go to decode that? Thanks again for the help.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here is a picture of the broken mount. After messing with it while taking the photo, I was wondering if the locking nut is designed to come off. A peice of the scew broke off in the nut portion, but it only unscrews so far.

    I will try to get some photos of the rifle later. Off to work for now. Thanks again to everyone who responded to my message. JMO

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    You should be able to punch the old screw out and replace it with one that I can send you. Please pm me your address and I will pop it in the post. I did a similar thing many years ago and sheared off the screw when on my first trip to Scotland. The trip was ruined as I wasn't able to repair the rifle because of the weekend and the very long travel distance to the nearest gun dealer. Since then if I travel some distance to shoot I always take a spare rifle with me.
    On that occasion when I returned home I contacted Parker Hale who were good enough to post me a couple of spare screws, they were always very good like that. Such a shame that the pistol ban killed off the company (they were involved with the distribution of Smith & Wesson). I know that the Parker Hale name has been sold and is now used by another company but the old company worked very hard to develop good public relations.

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    OK we will assume that is an L and not and I ......................... so L-B is 1960 the only other real option would be J-B which is 1958.

    P-H staked the end of the threads to stop folks losing the nuts it appears. Your Ring is the old style and collectable in their own right. The problam may be that later on they changed the size of the pins knurled head where it presses into the ring.

    If those pins are the wrong size, I might be able to help as I have an Odd pair of that profile. One is marked DMH4 and the other RANS.4 so would match yours... Can photograph it as to condition if you so wish... You of course realise that these are 26mm rings and not 1" ones?
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