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Thread: Perruque(how common)

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    Perruque(how common)

    Just wondering,how many people have seen or shot one,
    ive only seen one in 25 years.

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    One, albeit a small one shot by a German client near Blandford, Dorset in 1990, I'd never seen it before. It was a triangluar mass about 9" high. The buck was 3-4 years old and had no obvious external testicular damage. It was starting to get blown by flies.

    Again I've been stalking for 25 years.


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    Never seen one on the hoof ever.I know of two taken within 30ish miles of here and must be a pretty rare thing.Possibly more than what we realise as some are bound to die due to the condition and are never seen or found.

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    In 50 years stalking i have only seen one and that was in Sweden on land where we did not have permission to shoot.
    I once visited the Forest and Wildlife Museum at Horsholm in Denmark and they had many fine specimens there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stag1933 View Post
    More !

    Are they all from Denmark or worldwide,and if only Denmark is there a higher proportion than in the UK?

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    The elongation of the noses is due to the wide-angle lense on my pocket camera and not bad taxidermy.


    With my limited skill of the language they all appeared to be Danish but these people show greater interest in deformaties than ourselves.
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    shot a couple about 10 year ago in morayshire at the time i was killing about 300 roe a year never kept the heads as a mate at the time said he wanted them so gave them, to him not over big heads they were like tennis ball in size with points sticking out the top shot the pair of themwith in 500 yards of each other!
    wish i had kept some pictures of them.

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    Me too albeit before the days of digital cameras, the client chose not to keep it for mounting due to the amount of fly blow and decay.

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    Hi guys
    in 30 years of stalking , but roe being the species i stalked the least of , i have had 1 red and 1 fallow perruques boath have had photos on hear . i will look them up and post later . it would be interesting to know what percentage of the population are perruques ?

    all the best

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