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Thread: Which factory ammo if you had a choice

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    Which factory ammo if you had a choice

    Hello all i am off out looking for some factory ammo for my tikka t3.243. The options available are sako & federal, cant find any norma local or a shop open on a sunday selling them. I am looking for 100grn soft points & a 55 or 75 grn bt for foxes. any advice apreciated thanks

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    i used federal power shock for yonks in my 243 in the early days , when i pinned everthing in the shoulder !

    never had any complaints from the game dealer . BUT if you could get some norma they would be my first choice but as you cant get them go for the federal !

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    Go for Sako compatible with your rifle.

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    i have shot over 100 rounds of federal power shock spbt mostly at deer and fox. results were very good re accuracy and carcass damage. i now use the brass to reload. if i hadnt started reloading i would have kept using them. i have not used any other factory stuff in .243 but the federal were good.

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    With Lee`on this one federal 100gn for everything!!

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    I only use reloads as I find factory ammo just SOOOOO expensive. Use good bullets though.

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    RWS ammo works well as does Norma.


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    Before I stared re-loading I used Sako 90gr Soft Points in my .243.

    20 a box, if I remember correctly, so not too painful.....Then good brass that I now use for re-loading.

    They worked very nicely in my Sako A2 and dealt with Fallow, Roe, Muntjac and Munty without and hint of a drama.

    Cheers + ATVB


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    Cheers for the help chaps i hope to pop for either norma sako or federal tomorrow and test when i get a chance. if i decide to go for a factory ballistic tip in either 55 or 75 grn should i stick to the same manufacturer and should i just notice a drop in my zero? My leupold scope has 3 reference milldots so i could live with that rather than re zero

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightyear View Post
    Before I stared re-loading I used Sako 90gr Soft Points in my .243......
    Ditto, but bear in mind, there will be a factory round that your rifle likes best. It's worthwhile taking a little time to check out which one it is.

    Good luck. JCS

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