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    Does it make big difference when reloading different makes of brass

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    Yup!, as case volume can vary by great degrees,& some brass is thinner than others, doesn't sound much, but you can get very different results from mixing brass headstamps, & not just in p.o.i.
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    As above, it is very good practice to load in batches of the same make of brass and work up loads for each make if you are loading to the max.

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    One further point to consider is case weight. My Remington brass for my Remington 260 ranges in weight from 159 gr to 164 gr. Before reloading any, I sort it into lots by weight. My recommendation is to use one brand of quality brass.

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    And don't forget to keep the brass in batches of the same firing, i.e once fired, twice fired etc,etc. Everytime you fire and resize a cartridge the brass stretches and gets thinner. Also as you trim them to length they get lighter. Neck sizing can prolong the lifespan of the case ( especially if your banging off loads at the range).


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    Hi, i am new to the forum (been reading it for a long time but only just joined) it can make a difference and in my opinion you cant go wrong with Lapua cases, they are very goog quality and will withstand higher pressures than most brands allowing you to load a little hotter. They are a little more expensive but you will get far more reloadings out of them which will obviously offset the cost. I hope this helps.

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    thanks for help chaps( ven}

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