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Thread: Stalking/ Target scope choices??

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    Stalking/ Target scope choices??

    I am currently using a Burris Fullfield 11 3/9x40 on my .308 for stalking and range days, like the scope a lot but at 300 yards plus on targets its a struggle with a 3to9. Been thinking of buying a new scope with more mag and like the look of the Minox ZA5 3/15x50, its the same weight as my Burris and also has a BDC ret which i like. I have seen some poor reviews though. Also considering a Zeiss Conquest or a Meopta Meopro, though they are both heavier. I have used a friends Duralyt and was not particularly impressed with the reticle, the Conquests get good write ups everywhere though. I cannot find much on the Meopta.Help!

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    I use a conquest 4.5x14x50 with target turrets on my stalking rifle but the 6.5x20x50 model would be better for your 300 yard plus targets.
    There is very little difference in weight between the two models but the 6.5x20 is about 2in longer.
    I really like the conquest scopes and the low profile target turrets are great in the field or on the range.
    They are probably the best choice for your needs.

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    I had a Conquest 6.5-20 x 50, wish I had nevel sold it, although mine had the 4A ret which is great for lamping and general shooting, I did not shoot it out to 300 yards but the ret is quite thick on that model, mil dot or rapid z might be a bit better for targets/range days?

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