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    Friday evening saw me trying to get to grips with a buck that normally resides over the boundary ,the other side of a small stream on a lush banking of meadow grasses never cut .This place is just outside of town so not far to go and as i was a bit late getting out i made the decision to try for him here.Ive seen him my side on numerous occasions but either unsafe or bumped only to jump the stream and away .I set up on sticks right on the boundary overlooking the neighbours fields and on the side of the stream with barrel pointing back to my permission .I started calling as soon as i was in position,softly to start with in my pocket but it became clear nothing was close or responsive so a bit louder out the pocket for a good ten minutes or so.A buck appeared with a doe way up on the neighbours land with him standing out as the darker of the two .I would say it was nothing to do with the call, just their evening routine and he ignored the call completely at first although he was a long way away.I decided it was time to up the anti and holding my arm up i blasted the buttalo twice for everything to hear and what a move that turned out to be .No hesitation now and he ran down the field stopping only to pin point the call which was now back to normal,two peeps a rest then three ,back to two.As he neared me another buck came through the hedge and i thought he was going to challenge the first being of equal body weight but only a five pointer .However he stayed put ,happy to watch events unfold no doubt .My original buck was now only 10 yds from me on the other side the stream but theres a deep banking here so he couldnt cross.He suddenly moved to the right and out of sight behind a row of hawthorn making to where i know there is a crossing .One more peep and sure enough there he was on my side in all his glory .He ran out in the field a bit and a soft call had him stationary long enough to send a 100 grainer through his chest at about 60 yds off sticks.
    I have waited for this moment to come for a long time and i sat down to take it in not wanting to miss a moment of the time relived in my head .Calling ,for me ,is the pinnacle of the roe stalking calendar .Roll on Tuesday evening .

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    A really class description FD well done mate.


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