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Thread: S&B 8x56 Illuminated

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    S&B 8x56 Illuminated

    Thinking of putting one of these on my stalking rifle. Anyone using one and where's best to buy them

    Atb Steve

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    Hi Steve
    Dont know about s&b but I find 8x56 ir perfect for me (swaro )go on treat yourself (Try Rick at Gunrunner)
    Save Water Drink Single Malt

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    I have S&B 8x56 (one illuminated) Hungarian on all my rifles and wouldn't use anything else - all three bought from Forum members without any problems.

    Depending on rifle you should get away with medium mounts which keeps the scope really low on the barrel.

    York Guns are the main agents I think - look at their website as they usually show the stock.

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