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Thread: still not had my first roe yet

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    still not had my first roe yet

    well had about a dozen outings on ground now and still not had chance of my first deer yet ive had does in crosshairs and seen fleeting glimpse of a couple of bucks but not had chance of shot and still not seen any sign of rutting yet do you think i have missed the rut now how long did you lot have to wait till your first deer. im not losing heart at all as am loving the time on the ground my ground is in borders in commercial forestry.

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    Don't get dis-heartened it took me 9 months to click.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodgyrog View Post
    Don't get dis-heartened it took me 9 months to click.
    stick in there boy,your doin fine the last thing you need to do is rush it,when it happens it will be impregnated on the brain make it a memorable one,cant say about the rut,as i only have 9 roe deer on the estate, john,ian sid,anthea, rupert,edith,emma,lisa and margaret.and i save them for my laird,got 800 hinds mind,evlyn fiona............................................. ................

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    Your first will bring a smile, and will come when you dont expect it, as for the rut ours have only just really started, late this year. Good luck.

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    I have been out 6 times, first 3 times saw deer but did not get any. I am 3 deer for the last 3 outings now though including my first buck. It will come and its worth the wait.

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    The rut on my grounds has been very good. BUT very localised, its finishing on the low ground and just starting on the high ground.
    There will be plenty of does still not serviced yet.
    I target known doe areas and the bucks are there.
    One small wood holding 3 does i have shot 3 bucks in 8 days there and still not shot my intended target buck.

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    We all go through dry spells, I think I once did 7 outing without a buck but could have shot a dozen does. Your luck will change if the bucks are there. Maybe try doing more sitting and waiting than stalking, find a good vantage point and just sit down for a couple of hours and see what appears.

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    cheers for the encouragement guys . mudman i think thats what i am going to do as their is 6 seats in situ and some boxes so will try and sit and wait and see if my luck will change

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    your time will come I am sure when it does watch out for that ''Buck Fever" Good Luck & Good Hunting

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    Refreshing to see a thread which has offered nothing but encouragement, thats how it should be.

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