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Thread: Malformed rutting buck: a fine first solo beast.

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    Malformed rutting buck: a fine first solo beast.

    Well after my trip down to see JC275 I have been filled with confidence and finally plucked up the courage to go out with the intention of taking my first deer unaccompanied and so for the past few days thats what i've been doing and tonight I got very lucky indeed.

    I had had a couple of failed attempts at calling and blanking having not see a buck for sure although I did call a deer in close but it winded me before I could sex it and my other attempts had proved fruitless only seeing the odd doe so i was unsure what was happening around here with the rut. Anyway, I headed out after tea at around 7 to have a drive around and see what is moving. I spotted a couple of does one was with out any kids nor did she have a buck chasing. So I carried on to a different bit of the farm and found a different doe this time with a single kid but again no buck but this time I headed out on foot. I stalked along about a 1km stretch of wood/scrub about 40 yards wide but only bumped another doe, still not buck so I thought it was going to be another blank anyway back to the car and then back to where I had seen the first doe to see if a buck had found her.

    Anyway I was in luck. This time It was a different doe just off a different wood this time with 2 kids and the best bit.......a buck and he was rutting. Well I assume thats what he was doing he was trying to chase the does kids off to get her by herself but never full succeeded. While watch this through the binos I realised it was a buck id seen once earlier in the year with malformed antlers, possibly frost damaged? but i dont know. All the same id wanted him off the land so whilst he was trying to scare off the kids I managed to get in to a shootable range. By this time the doe had had enough and was off into the woods and the buck didn't seemed too bothered and started to make his way towards me but didnt have a clue I was there. He got to within about 80 and crossed into a clearing in the field where the wheat hadn't taken so I gave him a quick bark, he froze and I dropped him on the spot with a nice chest shot

    I went up performed a not so quick but nice clean gralloch and took the deer back to the house, cleaned him out and took him to the room next to the cold store on the farm.

    Im a very happy bunny indeed a really interesting first buck and a text book stalk and no hich ups so Im over the moon


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    well done, thats another for the wall

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    Excallant by George youve done job is to skin the head and boil it out. if youve not cape cut it great throphy for your first solo.

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    Thanks guys would have been nice to cape him and have him mounted but I don't have the cash and I don't think my mum would appreciate it in the freezer until I do so I'll skin and boil him and get the bleach on when I finish work tomorrow.


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    Well done George you wont forget him in a hurry

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    Well done. You've clearly learnt a lot from the accompanied stalks you've been on. I'm sure he'll be the first of many.

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    Well done George, thats a cracking deformed head to take glad to hear and see that your stalking experiences are coming on in leaps and bounds.



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    Quote Originally Posted by groach1234 View Post
    I had had a couple of failed attempts at calling and blanking having not see a buck for sure although I did call a deer in close but it winded me before I could sex it
    So that's what you've been waiting for hey, get em on your own!!

    Haha, well done tho mate, you'll never forget your first buck and something a bit special it looks too!



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    Nice one George.
    Looks like mechanical damage when in velvet to me.


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