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    New to stalking

    I've just joined up to the forum and thought it polite to introduce myself. I found a link from a post on the Hunting Life forum (where I copied this from, sorry if anyone has read it there, but it was easier than typing it all again!)

    I'm a complete novice when it comes to shooting live quarry. I have a friend who is an instructor at a rifle range who has offered to improve my shooting,and have spent a lot of time stalking deer when i was younger, but have never shot one.

    My uncle lives in Germany and owns the shooting rights to large areas of land with both deer and wild boar, and is high up in the local hunting committee. From a very small age he has taken me out hunting with him, starting from sitting in a high seat or hide, and as i got older moving onto actual stalking. However as we only used to visit once a year, he never got the chance to teach me to shoot well enough to take a rifle on the hunt myself.

    I have always loved spending the time on the hunt with him, but could never really afford to get into hunting at home. However, now I'm a bit older, this has changed and my enthusiasm hasn't wained, so I thought its about time i bit the bullet (if you pardon the pun!) and took advantage of the opportunities open to me.

    I have signed up for DSC 1 as a starting point to learn more about the different species of deer, their behaviour, identifying them, the law etc. and I am taking up my friend's offer to teach me to shoot well. After that I want to progress onto DSC 2 along with gaining my FAC, buying my first gun and hopefully making friends with and joining in with the local deer stalking community. Of course I also want to be able to hunt with my uncle, and thought that I would be best off if I could go over there and prove that I am already a competent shot have taken the time to learn everything properly, and have at least a few recorded kills under my belt in the presence of an assessor. (I can get return flights to see him for about the same as a day's guided deer stalking locally, and there we can go out as many times as I like during my stay!)


    PS I hope nobody here takes offence at me wanting to jump straight in at the deep end so to speak. I do recognise that deer are seen by many people as the ultimate quarry, and deer stalking is not something to be taken lightly. As I explained above, I have spent a long time with my Uncle on hunts who has always drummed into me the importance of proper and ethical stalking (eg taking a sick deer rather than the prize head that is next to it), along with being sure that you only take a shot that you are confident will fell the beast with one shot. I hope I'm doing the right thing by learning about and researching the animals and the sport as much as possible, and taking the time to ensure my shooting is excellent rather than just adequate before I actually shoot a deer. Your comments, views and advice (and maybe even help) are greatly appreciated.

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    New to stalking

    Welcome Gez. Sounds as though you have had the right sort of grounding.
    I'm sure no-one on this site will take offence. The DSC is not everyones cup of tea regards training but we all had to start somewhere. I am one of the fortunate ones that had a mentor at an early age and worked my way into my own ground. Stick to it and good luck.

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    I have stalked for years but still found the DSC course rewarding. Up in the highalnds we only see 4 out of the 6 species of deer so it was interesting to read about them. There is lots in the course to interest deer stalkers. Good to have you onboard, good luck

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    Cheers guys, and thanks for your comments. I appreciate that the DSC is not everyone's cup of tea, but give my best possible mentor lives over a thousand miles away I thought it best to brush up on the basics so to speak before I head over to see him - that way I can make the most of my time over there and learn as much as possible from him.


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