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Thread: Saturday Morning

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    Saturday Morning

    So there I was out at 5:30 on Saturday morning at my permission.
    I knew there was a buck in the area of one of the high seats as I'd seen it a few times around the area.
    I got myself seated and waited.
    Not being the patient type I started to use the Buttolo giving it three suttle pheeps and paused. Spotted a doe out to the left and kept an eye out for the attendant buck.
    So I gave it another few pheeps and nothing.
    I repeated the cycle a good few times and then became aware something of too my left.

    The crasfty bugger had come out of the trees away to my left well away from the doe.

    Well I tried the Buttolo again but this pushed him further to the left into the clear felled area.
    So I gave him another few minutes and tried the call he stopped had a look and then seemed to move back towards the cover.
    Trying not to panick I got the crosshairs roughly on him and tried the call again.
    He stopped and listend at which point I let the 140grain bullet go and nailed him.

    He staggered and turned 360 degrees and staggered off towards the cover.

    I thought Oh no! here I go I'll loose him in the grass/thick scrub.
    So down I got and made my way over.

    Some 45 minutes later, after circling round from the point of impact I found him about 45yards away in the tall grass.
    Looking back over the area it looked as though something had made crop circles in the grass.

    The bullet had gone in just behind his left shoulder and exited through his middle right taking out the bottom of the heart and liver and part of the top of the stomach.
    (not a pretty sight)

    Anyway result a nice wee buck almost identical to my first one a year ago to the day.

    (Posted a couple of the photos earlier)



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    Nice wee write up Eddie. It's a test of nerves when you can't find the animal in the first few minutes; heart in the mouth moment, but glad it turned out well for you. Very well done.

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    is that why they call you lucky eddie haha!!!!.nowt worse than a lost deer

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    Na - it's on the account of no matter how much midden I land in I always manage to get out no too bad.
    That includes as a teenager drinking a half bottle of whisky in one go and various car accidents including writing off two vehicles once I learnt to drive!

    Hope this hasn't broken my luck!!!!!


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