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Thread: Does POI change when using sticks on different surfaces?

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    Does POI change when using sticks on different surfaces?

    Am after some thoughts on this topic, and am sure it has been discussed before. I shot a cull buck on Friday from the sticks, but found that the bullet had gone way higher than expected at the range. I know my rifle is shooting where it should be as I shot a fox whilst I was walking back to the car with my buck and had zeroed the rifle only a week or two previous and it was spot on. I was shooting off tripod sticks standing on a hard forest road surface, and seemed to feel more recoil than usual.

    Does anyone else notice this happening when shooting off different surfaces? They are "X3M1" type sticks with the foam handles and plastic feet, lightweight aluminium legs, and a nylon type strap across the top. I have never had a problem when shooting with them off soft ground. What does everyone think?


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    I have observed similar effects, but haven't yet investigated it as fully as I would like. In summary I seem to shoot higher off harder surfaces. At 100yds, it's not an issue, but shooting at targets at 200 and 230 yards it is.

    Regards JCS

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    I am not sure that POI changes but I do think that gun handling or holding changes. ie prone off soft ground with a bipod then your follow through allows the gun to kick straight back. Off a bonnet for instance you might get more "bounce". Similarly off sticks on soft/hard surface your resistance to the gun will change meaning the recoil will behave differently. If the gun recoils the same every time then it should shoot the same every time?!

    This is only a theory but I, like you, would be very interested to hear more on this subject.

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