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Thread: English Boar are lovely

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    English Boar are lovely

    Couldn't resist posting this:

    can't get it to load into the tropy room for some reason. So I'll just have to stick em here.



    oink , oink

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    Dunno how you sleep at night

    sorry I forgot you don't, you spend your nights chasing pigs.

    Jer I reckon that ones from my side of the hill I recognize his face, big nose long hair and all that.


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    Great beasts

    Well done Gerry

    How close could you get the vehicle? You wouldn't be wanting to drag those too far!



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    Excellent Blaser,
    Just a few bacon butties there then!

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    YOUR NOT WRONG..... well done

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    Cheers guys,

    It's all very exciting stuff shooting them under the moonlight, even quite scary.
    Luckily we were able to get the vehicle to them but even then they made us huff and puff.

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    Well done there matey.The look on your face says it all.
    Tut tut at the man got you into the pigs, I thought her indoors would be glad I moved.

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    Any clues as to where this is? Well done.

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    Hi john are the pigs as good in NZ, and its a long way to move just to be on the winning side at the rugby world cup

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    Wayne, that was just a mirror you were looking in...
    From what I seen so far, and the pics I have shown hunters down here, pigs here are no where near the size of the U.K ones.
    Mates here are amazed at the pics I`ve shown them,and yep Wayne you`r a cult figure here too with your gold medal one, well at least thats what I think they said you were.

    The deer here are something else, Sambar,Red,Rusa, even Fallow, though I haven`t moved 1/2 way round the world to hunt fallow !!
    I got a job to do on a small farm (approx 2000ha) culling Sambar, that should keep me amused for a bit.
    And the bloke who I do that for says he`s going to take me down to Fjordland next year for a week or two,and from what I seen so far that will be hard hunting so we may take the N.Z version of diesel hunting,(from the helicopter) for a bit then get dropped in the mountains for a while.
    Possums are great fun, especially with 44 mag.
    As for the rugby, well ask the Italians.

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