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    High Seats

    Evening folks, hoping for an opinion or two on the 99 high seats sold by the Sportsmans gun centre.
    I purchased a couple and am now living in fear of eating mud from a great height, never mind the awfull creaking every time you move.
    Has anyone had any disasters with one or am I just being paranoid


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    "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean......."

    I have had a two sectiion portable high seat similar to the Sealand seat for ages and it hasn't let me down. Mind you I always ratchet strap the thing to the tree so tight I probably do more damage than the deer! The question I guess is which bits are creaking - you or the seat - and just how much do you weigh?

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    The 99 ones from the sportsman are ok, not sure how long they will last as the powder coating isn't internal. Personally I find them cramped with not enough depth to the seat and the ladder rung positioning isn't ideal for my legs as a foot rest. However, for an hour or so I can cope.

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    Bandit Country

    Happen it's just the old knees which creak, and as for weight, I can still manage to climb on the old doe without any complaints.


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    I find them ok, not as posh as a caravan on stilts but easier to put up.

    cjm1066 I thought about that as well, I'm about to dismantle and flood the inside of the box sections with waxol in an effort to arrest and prevent rust.


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    Just brought in the 99 high seats today, been out for several months. The wooden back and seats are of low quality timber glued together with a non waterproof glue. Relpacing these with water and boilproof plywood (exterior grade).

    I will also replace the mild steel nuts and bolts with stainless to prevent excessive rusting as well as rustproofing with waxol within the box section frame as mentioned in earlier post.


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