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Thread: Seasonings any thoughts

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    Seasonings any thoughts

    Any suggestions on venison burger seasonings great fully received. ready mades preferably.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Simjim33 View Post
    Any suggestions on venison burger seasonings great fully received. ready mades preferably.

    Try mixing a packet of apple and herb stuffing through your mix.
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    I think Apricot flavouring has been mentioned before.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Use this:

    makes good burgers as well as sausage

    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Obviously the quantity will vary according to the ammount of meat you're using, but the ratio will remain constant:-
    1xtsp each of oregano, basil and paprika
    1/2tsp of garlic granules
    salt to taste.
    This will give a greek style flavouring a lot like gyros.
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    you can go buy your own mixes from scobies direct or bushwear or the like but to do your own doesnt have to be difficult or "fussy"

    seriously i do all my own and just experiment

    i do mine in 5lb weight of mince batches

    for example

    5lb mince then threw in 2 jars of ocean spray cranberry jelly and added water and butchers rusk till consistency felt right then burger
    they are superb!!!!!!!!

    5lb of mince with 5 bunches of spring onions form tescos topped n tailed then blitzed in food processor and thrown in with a huge block of grated mature cheddar and ruskand water till fetl right consistency.....absolutely amazing cheese n spring onion burger

    or even 5lb of mince with 2 bottles of BROWN HP sauce trhu the bottle its full of its own receipe spices


    mix with couple of bottle of branstons burger relish

    i know some will be shocked and shout heathen but hell i just look in the cupboard try summit and if it works if it doesnt i dont make it again

    its quick easy and good fun and all the above turned out bloody superb both as burger or sausage

    another good one......couple o bottles of sweet chilli sauce!! even better if its yer own home made stuff....they were brilliant

    its usually cheaper than buying in mixes also ...get my rusk form local butcher

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    thank you for the tips guys, keep them coming.

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    ive posted some of these before but ill post em again if its gonna give folks inspiration to make their own stuff.
    im no expert but i enjoy playing around trying things....i have used mixes but as said above enjoy making my own....5lbs o vension mince with 1 to 1 1/2ibs of minced pork belly or pork shoulder just to help them from drying out so easily when cooking....add in butchers rusk and water to consistency along with flavouring of your choice..then burger or sausage.
    ive had a lot of folks saying i should sell em or that they are amazing to eat / taste and i just love promoting game full stop...done it with rabbit....and minced pheasnt also

    and even better at a BBQ and when your drinking your own home flavoured sloegin or voddy!!!

    let us know how you get on
    sauer / paul

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    Those sausages look fantastic,

    I shot a old old roe buck a few weeks ago, he had one wobbly stub of a tooth left and as expected despite hanging he is as tough as an old boot.

    I've literally just finsished making burgers out of one of the haunches. Basic recipe which seems to work for me is 5 parts (by volume) venison, 1 part pork fat (from the butchers), 1 part rusk, as much onion as I deem to be about right, salt and pepper to taste and a little water till the right consistancy is reached.

    I used harryMac's seasoning for the first few, they are very nice.

    The other half I just used salt, pepper and a little mustard. Tomato Ketchup works really well too, lots of pro'#s use it.

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    Paul your produce looks spot on I am of the opinion that all stalkers kitchens should look like that. I am amazed that only 5lb of venison can do that much.

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