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    A word of warning to those that post photographs.
    I was looking on another shooting website and discovered that a photograph of one of my trophies (not shot by me, but by my guest on my ground) was being posted by someone else. It transpires that this person claims that they were sent it by their taxidermist, and that they had been told it was their deer. As it shows my worktop, sink and watering can I know its mine!
    I know who would have lifted it from my facebook account and sent it too their client! They are not a taxidermist but a sporting agent. I am utterly unimpressed, and actually feel slightly sorry for the guy that he books shooting through such a rogue.
    It just goes to show, dont trust most sporting agents (they'd sell their mothers to make a pound) and dont post pictures!

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    Sporting agents are just like everyone else there are good and bad, strokes pulled by a few give them all a bad name
    Just for the record I am not a sporting agent, but have dealt with plenty.

    As for facebook I have a very strong dislike of that site, I did join at one point but stopped visiting it when I saw what was involved, just can't get my head round why someone would want to post every detail of there lives on a site
    No doubt there are those who use it sensibly, but an awful lot who leave themselves open to various types of abuse by those with little or no principals.

    Rant over.

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    Not sure how but you can put copyright on your photos....................... might be worth looking into.

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    This site wouldnt be half the fun if we all stopped posting our pictures..
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    I've never taken a trophy pic. or had one taken. In all honesty the notion has never occurred to me. I'm not sure what the point of it is but whatever..........

    It's likely everyone on here has seen dead deer before, but it does offend onlookers who haven't. The idea that plagiarising or rather hijacking someone's trophy image for gain is a new one. The fact that it happens at all is beyond me.

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    The photographer automatically owns the copyright on his/her photograph. I note my ownership of copyright on my pics. especially when posting them. Doesn't mean some shark out there won't try to use them.
    It goes do/does other kinds of theft on a common & daily basis.
    It would be a shame not to post pics, many of us enjoy seeing them and appreciate others sharing them.
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    Yep seen this happen before. Requested some info on a piece of stalking and was sent a lovely description of the stalking and a pic of a "recent successful stalk". A couple of days later I saw the same pic on the members gallery of S.D and the animal had been shot about 200 miles away from where it said on my paperwork mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!


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    As a professional Photographer and member of the National Union Of Journalists I can tell you that you hold copyright to your work whether it be written word or pictures ,you say that this person did a straight lift from one site to another and you can prove it is your work you are perfectly within your wrights to contact the operator of the site and remove the pix or you will take the matter further ,you will find they will do this as they don't want any trouble or you can contact the perp and threaten him with a bill for publishing your work without permission, he to is obliged remove the pix,remember you own the intellectual work to the picture whether it is stamped or not but it is always prudent to make
    some mark of copyright mark if possible.Been there done that got the T Shirt!!! there's always someone out there who will try to steal your work

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    Another point worth baring in mind is there will be some folk taking a look at the sight just to see what stalking/shooting is all about and there will be antis looking for ammo to use against us , please remember this if your thinking of posting daft pictures of things like foxes with their guts hanging out or , as in one recent post , wearing collars . Imagine such a picture on the front page of a sunday paper with some BS headline , it would do your sport or living no good and harm the image of us all

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    Why does it need to be dead or even a trophy

    There are awesome photo's of very much alive deer and also the great scenic views they are to be found in..

    Keep posting the pics up

    Agree with trouble about unnecessary photo's
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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