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Thread: Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20x50 with illuminated tmr reticle

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    Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20x50 with illuminated tmr reticle

    Hi all,

    Due to not getting enougth use i'm putting the above scope up for sale, i am looking for 900 for it as its in mint condition and has all the instructions and box. Would consider a px for an s&b 8x56 or simular or bushnell elite scope plus cash adjustment.

    Will post pictures shortly or can email to anyone thats interested.

    Many thanks Matt

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    For those interested i will throw in a set out leupold QRW worth about 90 if its a straight sale altougth i would still be interested in a swap.

    Many Thanks Matt

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    would of been intrested in this mk4 illum but you advertised it a few weeks too late,i bought non illum one off s,d from old tikka and there is alot of dust specs inside the tube around the recticle,immaculate in every way the advert read,am gutted

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    Sorry to hear that, i wonder if you got hold of gmk or someone else whether you could have it stripped and repurged.

    Atb Matt

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    I had an issue with a Leupold scope that I bought on a rifle a couple of years ago. I tried the importers (GMK? sory can't remember it was a couple of years ago) they wanted me to do it via the shop I bought it from originally (clearly not possible as I bought it on a rifle!!)

    I emailed Leupold in the US via their website and they just said send it striaght to them.

    I sent it, they emailed me when it arrived and asked me to call with my card details to pay for posting it back. I called them and gave them all the details, they said if they didn't find a problem I had to pay for postage.

    They found a minor proble with the internal mech which was why it wouldn't hold zero. They sent it back UPS with no charge like a brand new scope, they even re-finnished the tube paintwork.

    Following my experience with Leupold I cannot recomend them highly enough, I told them I had not bought the scope new and it made no difference. A great company to deal with, if only more companies had the same level of after sales service!


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    Sorry for Hi-jacking your thread, free bump I suppose!

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    Any Offers (sensible) will include rings in sale

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    Hi I have a German Schmidt and Bender 8x56 inch tube in good condition I was looking for 450 but would have a deal for your Leupold
    Thanks Neil

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    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the offer i am interested, i'll send you my details so we can disscuss it further.

    Many Thanks Matt

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    Hi Matt

    Many thanks for scope just as mint as described
    Thanks Neil

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