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Thread: Novice question, highseats, muntjac and ground cover...

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    Novice question, highseats, muntjac and ground cover...

    So I have a wee parcel of land that I have access to, about 30 acres in all which hosts a few muntjac and is part wooded... I'm soon to lose this land (or at least enter into a renegotiation) as the current owners are selling up.

    I plan to nip down tonight, i've not been for months but know that in the wooded areas the nettles and undergrowth will be pretty high. The last time I was there and shot a munty I was able to put up the highseat in the wood and it was perfect.

    So my question(s):

    I'm not going to get there until about 7pm. I feel my only sensible opportunity is to use the highseat (which I will have to put up - takes 10 mins max)...

    1) in doing so will I cause too much disturbance and hence hinder my chances of success?
    2) should I just stick to stalking the ground with sticks (all attempts in the past have been fruitless) or find a good vantage point and sit and wait under a tree looking at the wood?
    3) is it even worth setting up in the wood where the ground cover will be high? (Putting the highseat overlooking the wood (from the outside) is tricky/impossible.)

    Unfortunately it's a last minute window of opportunity so can't do a recce.

    Thanks for any help/suggestions


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    If the cover is that high your best bet would be a seat. Have you got a place that overlooks a ride, feed bin etc? Keep the noise down while putting the seat up and you should be fine. I have shot deer whilst putting the seat up!

    What's on the outside of the wood, anything that would entice them out?

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    In my opinion your best bet is certainly the high seat as stated above ground cover is very high and hides these interesting little deer well.

    I wouldn´t worry too much about disturbing them, I have shot Muntjac bucks that were with does and the does just carried on regardless after the shot, happens quite frequently.

    keep the noise to a minimum maybe get there at 6.30 and get set up and ready in the seat for 7pm.

    good luck

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    Thanks for the responses guys - here's a sketch of the area to add some context
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    I've no experience of muntjac but my experience with other deer, sika and reds, is that they are quite nosey by nature and this is especially true of the sika. I've seen the sika stand and watch forestry operations involving lots of noise and people, and I've seen them make an effort to see what the noise was about when something happens that they couldn't see. It seems likely that your muntjac will also be used to people doing "stuff" in the countryside and so putting up a high seat will be no different from other farming, gardening or forestry work. If they are anything like sika then you might find that in due course they appear to see what has been going on.

    Sunset here is 2115 tonight so I think you have plenty of time and I really don't think you will cause as much disturbance as you imagine to the deer.

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    I have shot munties on a few trips across to England. On two occasions over the past year, I have had two muntjac from the same seat a few meters apart. Shot the first one, let it lie where it fell, and then another 10 -15 metres away within 15 minutes.

    Put the seat up and get in it, things will settle within half an hour or so.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Also think of prevailing wind and a quiet covered access route.


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    Should not be a problem as they are always on the move and will re appear given long enough after a minor disturbance.

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    Successful outing

    Now, I know he's only a wee fella, but is there any reason not to clean up the head for memory? i.e. he's still in velvet, will it come clean/look okay?

    (I actually think his colouring is really striking, but getting it mounted is a bit much)

    (only a couple of pics as it was getting dark when I started the gralloch.
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    I would say that he should clean up ok,but you will then have to stain/colour the antlers with potassium permanganate.Well done by the way,I have in the past been zeroing on some land and after putting 6 shots down onto the target then had a Muntjac Buck walk down the fenceline past the target so they aren't as worried about disturbance as some may think.


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