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Thread: Driven Boar Croatia.

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    Driven Boar Croatia.

    I am expecting an Agent to come on line soon with an offer of a trip 17th to 21st November so if anybody is looking - stand by or contact me if you can't wait.

    Oh dear, it looks as if he hasn't done what he said he would do.
    I have contacted 'The Sporting Agent' Bryan Nelson and he has said he can/will get up a group to make a trip for Driven Boar 17th to 21st November.
    I don't know if he is a Trade Member but having said he was going to post an advert here I thought he must be.
    Oh well, I'll sit back and see what he comes up with.
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    Oh Dear, this 'age thing' is terrible I either mis-heard, mis-understood or he said it wrong, he has his trip advertised on his web site
    So 17th -21st it is, if anybody is still looking.
    MOD, sorry about the advertising but it is only a little bit

    19th August.
    Needless to say I worried needlessly, he has advertised elsewhere and has half filled the trip, so it is definitely on.
    If anybody finds themselves at a loose end and fancies a go at driven Boar, give Bryan a bell.
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    Just over two weeks to go and not heard a thing from him other than 'yes it is all going fine and I'll get back to you when I have the details'
    I haven't even got the flight details or where we are flying from !!

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    That's not very prof, needs sorted and fingers crossed it does come together smoothly.

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    He's not picking the 'phone up now, perhaps he's over there sorting it out

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    Hi Eddy
    sorry to hear about the lack of communication from your agent hope you hear from him soon!
    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    A member of this site has very kindly contacted him on my behalf and I have just had a PM from his daughter saying their agent in Croatia has had a traffic accident and that Bryan will contact me later with more details.
    I don't know when the traffic accident happened but regardless of that, I would have thouight the trip arrangements would have been done and dusted way before now.

    2nd November.
    Ref the above cancellation.
    After much consultation and talk of Bank Transfer to refund money paid and no sign of it yet, contacted him again today and have now been told a cheque will be in the post today.
    If it is, it will arrive, possibly Thursday or Friday, banked Saturday so will not be cleared until at least next Thursday the 10th leaving me seven days to arrange something else to coincide with the dates I have my car booked and paid for at Heathrow.
    Not very happy.
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    All has come good in the end. I have now got all my money refunded by bank transfer.
    The parking fee has to be bourne by me as we were never given an airport to fly from.
    I went ahead and booked because I know from experience that Croation airlines run their service from there and the earlier I book the cheaper it is.
    Three days of worry which was absolutely needless due to his lack of communication.
    The annoying thing about the whole fiasco is that he is such a nice guy to speak to and sounds very plausible, or is it me getting more gullible with age

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