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Thread: Foxpro Spitfire caller

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    Foxpro Spitfire caller

    Thinking of upgrading my Foxpro Spitfire to one of the larger models. Ive had this unit under 12 months and have been very impressed with it. Ive had foxes running full tilt at the unit from distances (witnessed) of over 500 yards. The calls I have now collected and downloaded are very life like and have never failed to bring a fox in if in the area. In a clear line of site I have managed to control this unit at over 200 yards. Without a doubt this unit has changed the way I shoot foxes, you have even more control of where you take the shot which is especially important if you are on smaller pieces of land or have public areas nearby. The unit is small enough to fit in a large pocket or hang over shoulder but very loud and has 5 volume settings. Ive used this unit in -10c and snowy conditions without an issue.

    The unit comes with 2 x SD cards both fully loaded with some of my best calls(24 on each). Ill also email my full collection of calls (must have around 50 or 60). The USB SD card reader and cable. And ill walk the user through how to change the files. The software can be downloaded for free from Foxpro. I also have a small external speaker that can be plugged into the unit if higher volume is required(I have never needed this, finding that less volume is often better with foxes) in windy weather etc.

    These units are 200 plus postage from Bush Wear and worth every penny if you are a serious Foxer(The extra SD card, external speaker, USB connector and cable are not included in the Bushwear price). The caller is also excellent for drawing crows in for photographic opportunities J

    The unit is in as new condition and comes with original box and instructions and has been registered with Foxpro for warranty purposes. Im looking for 170 including postage. Feel free to drop me a PM with any questions. Cheers Steve

    Foxpro website:

    Bushwear web site:

    Review here:

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    second dibs if per chance it falls through please

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