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Thread: Swarovski neck strap query!

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    Swarovski neck strap query!

    I might just be in an impatient frame at the moment, maybe not, but I really don't seem to be able to fathom out how to fit the supplied neckstrap to my new Swaro bins! The connectors appear to be baffling me.

    Any advice gratefully accepted!

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    Hope this helps...

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    Thanks, but that is not the one, mine is just the standard neck strap.

    However, with the aid of a powerful magnifying glass I found it is depicted in the owner's manual.

    For info, the black cover pulls off to reveal a metal stud that comes out of the strap and allows the bins/rain cover to go on before being reassembled.

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    Bin the one supplied and get the harness type.. easier to use and spreads the weight away from the neck and stops the binos bashing your chest.

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    I am hoping to pick up something next time I go to the USA.

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    Those are $20 in the USA, no postage etc. as I will be there anyway. I might even stretch to something with a pouch a bit like the S4 Gear stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Not them horrible things... I imagine its a bit like what a busty lady feels like wearing a sports bra. Now there's a thought, big norks!
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    Incase you've not already realised, only fix one side of the lens cover with the strap otherwise it becomes a pain in the (usually in Scotland wet) arse when you lie down for a spy and the cover gets in the way

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