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Thread: Old Red Stag (Park)

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    Old Red Stag (Park)


    I have an old Red Stag in a Deer Park that is surplus to requirements. As you can see he is an old boy who has gone back. He is reasonably heavy but nothing special by any means before anyone thinks I am trying to pull the wool over someone's uneducated eyes, hence why he is not being sold but up for a swap. I will also show you around the park, and explain / show you several different species some of which many would not have seen in the UK before.

    I still believe that such an animal could be a nice trophy on someones wall, albeit it wont be 99.9 % taste. Therefore rather than cull him myself I wondered if anyone would offer me a days stalking in return for taking him and a trophy for the wall.

    I hope that this post could be viewed with a sense of maturity that adults should show, however I will wait for the usual.

    It is my wish for someone to gain something out of this experience and therefore I would expect the favour returned nothing more wanted.

    Many thanks to those that view this and restrain from divulging into deer park ethics.


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    Nice one Alex, if it suits the bloke that turns up thats all that matters

    Hope your well bud

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Thank you Terry.

    I am very well. Yourself?

    I echo your words.


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    I have no problem with park shooting and I assist with culling in a park myself.

    I think this would be an interesting experience for someone.

    Good luck with it Alex.

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    Alex – PM me your number, I’d be interested



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