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Thread: Calling foxes in

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    Calling foxes in

    Has anyone ever done this before? If someone had told me this I wouldn't have believed them but.....I was out for a walk behind my house this evening, the habitat being woodland leading on to farmland. It was late dusk and I was under trees so light was low. I was walking along a narrow woodland track when I saw a bump up ahead may 45-50 yrds - old habits dying hard I stopped until I could identify it and when it started moving and sniffing around, I could see it was a fox, so I slipped behind a tree, hunkered down and started calling it with my hand. 5 minutes later two foxes appeared - the first (the original) stopped about 20 yards off after running in.

    A second, young, fox appeared to my right and moved not very cautiously right up to me. I stayed stock still and it came closer! In fact, it came within about 7 inches of my knee and sniffed without being disturbed, surveying me for several seconds before moving off, then circling back in front of me, oblivious to me, then sat down for a few moments 7-8 yrds to my right before scatting around looking for this rabbit in distress!

    Has anyone else called foxy in this close?

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    They're normally dead before they get that close

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    l have had them take pork scratchings out of my hand in Afghan before, in the end it curled up and went to sleep at our feet!!,
    Just shows you if something isnt being hunted then humans are no threat, your foxes were probably animal libs released city ones, they tent to be not to shy if they think someone may feed them.

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    Feeding pork scratchings to the indigenous native fauna in Afghanistan! Isn't that a war crime or something?

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    well it was his own choice and not forced upon it like the yanks may have done, !!!!!!!lol

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    A few of months ago I was helping a neighbouring gamekeeper out with his foxes. He had been baiting various areas out with dead rabbits on a regular basis and I had been having a successfull time sitting out over these areas during the eveniing.
    One evening I had shot a cub early on at about 7pm and had laid over the same rabbit bait for another 3 hours before giving up.
    I walked towards the rabbit bait and got within about 10 feet when 2 cubs walked out to the bait.
    Neither noticed me stood afew feet away cursing my impatience.
    One quickly grabbed a rabbit and ran away with it while its sibbling sat and started to eat another rabbit.
    The other cub ran out again and grabbed the rabbit off the sitting cub and fled, virtually up to my feet. It still never noticed me.
    I ended up shooting one of them free hand, hardly the most sporting shot, but job done and a few pheasants saved.

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    When we have been out with the lamp and vehicle we have had to shout at a few when we have been squeeking them because they have come in so fast they didn't want to stop. 5m was the closest we had one

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    i was working up in the smoke about 5 years ago and had
    a vixen take a bit of sandwich out of my hand

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